Heroine of the The Submission Series.  She is an only child.  Her mother, Maria Souza-Faulkner, gave birth to her via c-section, and the doctor found cancer while performing the procedure.  Her mother was unable to have more children after this.

Her best friend is Gabrielle (who goes by Gabby).  They met while attending school at L.A. Performing Arts School.  Gabrielle has a brother Darren, who was Monica’s “first love” and vice versa.  Monica and Darren have remained friends after dating for six years.  The three of them are in a band called Spoken Not Stirred.  Darren plays the drums and Gabby plays the keyboard. The bass player is a guy named Harry who drops out of the band due to his mother’s illness.  Monica knows how to play the piano, guitar, viola and the Theremin.  However, Monica’s strongest instrument is her voice.

Monica and Gabby live together in a house that is owned by Monica’s mother.

After Monica and Darren broke up, she started seeing Kevin Wainwright, a local artist. Kevin was manipulative and restricted Monica’s ability to perform, Monica ended their relationship abruptly.

When reading the short Rachel, it appears that Monica and Jonathan, as well as Gabby, “met” at Jonathan and Jessica’s engagement party.  Monica and Gabby were playing with a string quartet at the party.

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